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Russell Peet at Barrow Island

I started animating when I was 15. I started by making puppet shows with rods and strings, then when I got a box of plasticine and an animation book for Christmas I started animating with plasticine and haven't stopped since. Being able to bring a lump of plasticine and some wire to life, still amazes me to this day. Since then I have worked on "Wallace and Gromit" and "Shaun the Sheep", directed a short film for the UK film council and directed a play with Ray Davies from The Kinks among other things.


The animations all follow the loose theme of being set against the backdrop of the town hall. The children were allowed to go wild with their ideas, from the town being put in jeopardy by a time travelling dinosaur, to a pesky cat trying to steal the mayors sandwiches.

All of the children's ideas were totally unique, and the amount they achieved in a relatively small length of time was amazing. They designed and made their own puppets, with armatures (metal skeletons to give the puppets stability) recorded their own voices and sound effects. They also did the animating, and some of the shots were really complicated, involving many characters and flying objects.




A scene from Barrow Island School and Russell Peet


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