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Glenn Boulter at North Walney

Glenn Boulter is an artist and curator based in Cumbria. He is a co-founder of sound art and new music organisation Octopus and a curator of the Full of Noises festival.

His work incorporates print sound and performance. Recent collaborations An Unorthodox 1-2 (2009), Mr Saturn (2011) and Daily Fears (2012) have been presented at events and festivals including Ultima Oslo, Firsts at Royal Opera House 2 and the Sao Paulo Biennial.


"The project used an outline of Walney as a blank canvas for working together, telling stories and exploring a range of processes from drawing, model making and creative writing to photography and working with sound. By utilising a mixture of digital and more traditional media, the project aimed to provide an example of  the way that contemporary artists increasingly work across a range of formats and that maps, books, computer games, radio programmes are all potential outlets for creativity and play.


The 26 individual islands saw Walney transformed into a dragon's cave, a One Direction theme park, an army base, a huge outdoor swimming pool, a flying pig farm, the site of a zombie invasion and the home of a giant panda. A giant map that we made connected all of the islands to each other with various forms of transport from submarines, boats and jets to flying pigs, catapults, bridges and tunnels."





2 Castaways