Arts projects and Residencies

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Ellie Chaney at South Walney

Puppet-maker Ellie Chaney worked with Year One boys and girls from South Walney Infants on a video production of " Puss In Boots."

The group made thier own puppet theatres and used a variety of puppets and animation techniques to tell the story. The soundtrack features the children and their families.


"My work tells stories through puppetry, animation and book making. Alongside this I also work on  community based parades and carnivals. I have worked as as freelance creative workshop leader since 2009, and in this time I have been lucky enough to work with Horse and Bamboo Theatre, Handmade Parade and Lanternhouse International.


I have organised creative art workshops for children aged 3 – 18 in schools and community centres throughout the North West, and also have experience facilitating creative opportunities for people of all ages.

Focusing on a long term project with one class resulted in creating work of a level that is often not possible in school workshops. By spreading the time I was in the school across several weeks, there was the opportunity to work with the whole class on creative and performance based activities, whilst there was also the time to work with small groups producing artwork that the children needed more support to create. We also had the time to create artwork in many different media, using both traditional and digital media.


I was very impressed with the time that the school gave to the project. At the beginning of the project there was a whole school assembly in which I shared my work with the children, and they were given the opportunity to ask questions and see my puppets and animations. At the end of the project I briefly showed my own artwork in an assembly for the whole school and the parents and guardians of the children in the class. The children then gave a wonderful assembly about puppetry and traditional tales, showing all the different things they had created. We finished this by showing our film to everyone.  These assemblies gave the entire school the opportunity to be involved in the project, even though I was not working with their class.


Lion Mask Cut-outs ready for animation